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Getting Started with DonkeyApp

Updated: May 2

DonkeyApp: Your AI-Powered SOQL Editor for Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce organization to DonkeyApp with just one click. Simply use your Salesforce credentials, and you're ready to start asking DonkeyApp about your Org data.

Connect and Ask Donkey... "It’s truly that straightforward—no setup required, just immediate access."

Step 1: Connect Your Salesforce Org to DonkeyApp

Easily link your existing Salesforce account to DonkeyApp using your Salesforce credentials—no need for a separate DonkeyApp account creation.

Optional for New Users: If you do not have a Salesforce account yet or wish to try out the platform with some sample data, Salesforce offers a free Developer Edition. This version comes complete with pre-populated data for Sales and Service Clouds, making it perfect for newcomers or those looking to explore Salesforce’s capabilities. Click here to create your free Salesforce org and begin exploring its extensive features.

For detailed guidance on creating a free Salesforce Developer Edition, check out our dedicated blog: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Free CRM Analytics-Enabled Salesforce Developer Edition.

Step 2: Ask Donkey...

There's no setup necessary. Once connected, you’re ready to interact directly with your Salesforce data. Ask DonkeyApp any Salesforce-related questions, from tutorials to specific reports. Whether you’re looking to learn about Salesforce or need detailed reports, just ask:

  • "Hello, who are you and how can you assist me today?"

  • "Can you list me the top 10 opportunities by amount?"

  • "Can you list my custom objects."

Explore more examples here.



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