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Streamlining Salesforce Administration with DonkeyApp


Salesforce administrators are the backbone of every successful Salesforce implementation. Managing vast amounts of data and ensuring system integrity can be daunting. DonkeyApp is here to simplify your life by empowering you with advanced SOQL query capabilities, turning complex data management tasks into a breeze.

Generating Effective SOQL Queries

Data Retrieval: With DonkeyApp, crafting precise SOQL queries to extract specific datasets becomes straightforward. Whether it's for user management, system audits, data cleanup, or detailed reporting, DonkeyApp ensures you have the data you need at your fingertips.

Custom Reports and Dashboards: Standard Salesforce reports don't always meet every need. DonkeyApp enables you to create custom SOQL queries that can be utilized to build insightful reports and dashboards, providing a deeper understanding of your org's operations and performance.

Saving Queries as Reusable Snippets

Query Library: DonkeyApp helps you develop a comprehensive library of SOQL query snippets for routine administrative tasks—monitoring user activity, conducting data quality checks, or tallying record counts across different objects. This repository becomes a vital resource, allowing for quick execution without reinventing the wheel.

Documentation: Each snippet in your library is well-documented with clear descriptions and use cases, simplifying the process of finding and utilizing the right query for any administrative task.

Ad-hoc Execution and Analysis

Real-time Data Queries: Immediate data needs? No problem. DonkeyApp guides you through executing ad-hoc SOQL queries for real-time analysis, enabling you to swiftly respond to data requests, assess system issues, or verify the impact of configuration changes.

Data Exploration: Dive deeper into your Salesforce org's data structure with DonkeyApp’s support in exploratory data analysis. Understand complex relationships and maintain data integrity with ease, ensuring your database remains clean and efficient.

Use Cases and Examples

  • User Management:

SELECT Profile.Name, COUNT(Id) NumberOfUsers, MAX(LastLoginDate) MostRecentLogin FROM User WHERE IsActive = true GROUP BY Profile.Name ORDER BY COUNT(Id) DESC

This query helps in reviewing user access and managing licenses by listing users by profile, reflecting their role and activity status.

  • Audit Trails: Track changes to critical setup objects or configurations to support compliance and security monitoring, ensuring your org adheres to governance standards.

  • Data Quality: Identify and clean up duplicate records and incomplete data fields to uphold your org's data standards, enhancing overall data quality and reliability.

  • Custom Object Insights: Tailor SOQL queries to gain valuable insights from data within custom objects, directly supporting your specific business processes and operational metrics.


DonkeyApp is more than just a tool—it's your strategic ally in Salesforce administration. By leveraging advanced SOQL queries, DonkeyApp equips you to efficiently manage your Salesforce org, ensuring data quality, compliance, and operational excellence. Embrace the power of DonkeyApp and transform the way you manage data, making every query count towards your org's success.



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